6 Tips to Secure Your E-Commerce Site

Is Your E-Commerce Site Working for You?

Albeit building an e-commerce website is a herculean task, actually running it successfully and generating sales and revenues is even tougher, given the fierce competitive e-commerce global landscape. Thousands of e-commerce sites are selling almost similar products with identical features. How to convert your potential buyer, the actual buyer?

There had been a great deal of ongoing experiment and research to pitch various innovative ideas and strategies to woo the prospective buyers! Some often click; a few may not! But there are certain guidelines that can assure you that your e-commerce platform is ready to vie your competitors!

Take a look at these prudently and aptly picked crucial tactics that can help you generate revenue from your e-commerce site without expecting you to come out of your comfort zone.

Quality and Informative Content

This is the first condition, you should not compromise on. There are number of businesses that are willing to spend a fortune on developing their online presence and marketing but turn a cold shoulder when it comes to investing in content. Make sure you are not committing this mistake! Content is always crucial when it comes to online shopping. It helps exhibit, attract, inform and convert your visitor to buyer. Don’t underrate the magical power of content! It is vital, and having a good supply of right, informative and thought-provoking contents is indispensable.

The content should have:

· Right pitch and tone in terms of website content

· Right blend of informative and attractive product description (not too descriptive but balanced and enticing)

· Set of FAQ about the product, for visitor for clarity about the product

· Quality images of the product, with the facility to zoom in and out

· Brief description of the company (of the product)

Do not forget to integrate a review page with rating option for your buyers to rate your products with an objective to display it on the website for other buyers to judge your products and the feedbacks provided by the buyers.

Explore Magical World of Infographics

Yes, this is true! Infographics are the buzz word in the global marketing ecosystem! It is the blend of pieces of information and graphics. A sizzling mix of right information embellished with an icing of enticing graphics can attract your prospects.

People intend to skim the content and do not actually want to read it all unless it’s decorated with the right quantum of graphics. What about reading some content without sketching the figure in your mind? We all do that! If you can create a pictorial narration of your product with all the right maneuvers, I am sure it will surely grab the attention of visitors. Right sync of image and information is the key to an appropriate manifestation of any product.

Easy and User-friendly Navigation

You should minimize the number of clicks by offering user-friendly and easy e-commerce navigation. It will become easy for your visitors to understand and view your products without unnecessarily scrolling and clicking around the website. If they have arrived at your site looking for some product, it should be visible to them on the home page itself. Your site should have all the vital links i.e. products, categories, contact, about us and any other important informative links in your landing page i.e. home page. It can later be broken down into further categories and pages. The search box is yet another crucial link that should be displayed on your landing page.

Better avoid dropping down menus! It can only be seen when the cursor will hover on the product category. Our eyes move faster than a cursor and if your visitor could not find for what he/she has come to your site, he/she will quit without placing the cursor on product category! You may miss out your customers in this way. Let all your products be visible at a conspicuous place for your visitors.

The design and displayed product items should be clean and clear! Do not clutter too much of products (either graphics or content) on your landing page. Offer your visitors a great and satisfactory web experience. This will add brownie points to your website by enhancing your online visibility thus initiating brand building.

Know Search Engines

I intend to draw your attention towards SEO (search engine optimization), which is the only bridge that shows your customers way to your website. SEO in itself is a tactics/mechanism that keeps evolving month after month and year after year. Every few months new guidelines are introduced by Google (the widely used search engine) and accordingly the businesses need to plan out their marketing strategies!

Your e-commerce site’s design and content should be SEO friendly to be visible before a huge chunk of customers. Your designer and writer can help you develop such site that ranks better in search engines. Howsoever great your design, content or graphics could be, if it is not visible to your target market, you cannot grow your business. Make sure your site is SEO friendly!

Finally, it’s not all that can propel your e-commerce online presence and sales but there are several other associated factors like quality of products, after sale service, connectivity with your customers via social media platform etc. that can help your e-commerce reach new benchmarks of success!


E-commerce is the latest method of conducting online business but not without following certain guidelines! Most importantly you need to embrace the technology solutions that can enable you to grow your business! I’m sure your e-commerce site will rock!

How to Keep Your Magento E-Commerce Site Free From Copied Contents

If you are looking for an economical solution to create an online store then your first choice should be Magento. It is an award-winning open source web content management system. You may be aware of the technical aspects of Magento. Therefore, we should talk about the tricks to drive high volume online traffic towards your Magento e-commerce store. Technically, this open source web content management system provides inbuilt payment gateway and social media integration features. By installing few custom plugins, you can even sell digital contents from your website. Therefore, it is clear that you do not have the need to go with any other open source CMS tool for developing online shopping website. You just need to take PSD to Magento template conversion. It will be your first step towards your phenomenal success in online shopping world. After this step, you can fulfill content related requirements of your online shopping portal.

Duplicate Content Is Sin

It will be good to understand the fact that you should never use duplicate contents in your e-commerce website. Technically, you do not use same product description for each product but when you publish the same product at different pages with different offers then the problem of carrying duplicate contents occurs in front of you. For this purpose, you should try to use a decent plug-in to stay away from this problem. Apart from this, you will also have the requirement of a plug-in for using right Meta tags in all web pages of your website.

CMS Meta Robots

It will be an important addition for your website. You can easily handle the issue of copied contents. After installing this plug-in, you can create and add unique Meta data within Meta tags of each page of your e-commerce site. The proper application of this plug-in will help you in getting rid of the problem of duplicate Meta contents.

Earn Reviews but Only Original Ones

There are no doubts that reviews and ratings have become an integral part of all e-commerce sites. Nowadays, online shoppers prefer to know about a product before making their final purchases at e-commerce stores. Therefore, it is good to have positive reviews of products of your virtual store. You can offer discount coupons to your existing customers to write significant reviews of the products. It will help you in increasing the overall turnover of your online shopping site. However, all the reviews available on your site should be relevant and original. In simple words, you should never use duplicate contents on your site. It will only decrease the search engine rankings of your site. Therefore, you should appreciate the customers, who can write interesting and genuine reviews for your customers.

Now, you will be able to earn high ranks at leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.com. Post PSD to Magento Template conversion, you should add interesting and attention seeking content in your website. It will help you in grabbing the maximum interest of your aimed online buyers.